Resin Collection

« I am seeking the light that finds me »
The story of my life, the completion of a long artistic journey.
Their singularity comes from a deep aspiration: the combination of unique “inspired laces” and materials collected with love throughout the years.
That is how golden leaves, powders, woods, metals, and inks overlay and merge… in an alchemical dance that celebrates the profusion of light and matter.

An invitation to transparency and depth: the choice of using resin.
A translation in this medium made possible thanks to a new generation of biosourced resin*. Token of remarkable longevity, and full transparency.
A fun invitation to an endless game that consists of renewing your creation to suit your inspiration.
Indeed, each artwork is equipped with a specific system that allows you to change the artwork’s direction, and to create at any moment an artwork that is just like you.

*Resins coming essentially from vegetable and renewable sources, replacing oil-based products.

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